IIIT Offers National Council For Vocational Training’s(NCVT) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (CO & PA)

Affiliated to NCVT (Under Craftsman Training Scheme) 

Eligibility – Degree/+2/ 3 Years Tech. Diploma. 
Duration: I year 

I. Computer Fundamentals 
History of Computer fundamentals 
Computer Hardware and Software concepts 

II. Introduction to personal Computer/Micro Computer and Operating System 
    MS-Dos, Linux, Windows 2007 

III. OFFICE Automation Package 
    Word Processing Package- MS Word 
    Spreadsheet Package- MS Excel 
    Presentation package-MS power point 
    Introduction to Open Office 

IV. DBMS Packages 

V. Networking Concepts 
    Configuring and Using Networks 

VI. Internet Concepts 

VII.Web Design Concepts 
    Designing Static Webpages – HTML 

VII.Java Script 

IX.Programming with VBA 

X. Smart Accounting 
    Tally ERP 

XI. E-Commerce 

XII.Typing Practice in Regional Language 

XIII.Over View of Cyber Security 

XIV.Employability Skills