Animation designs the art of creating special effects for various forms of media, including video games movies and even social media post. Animation industry is having wide career part such as character animator, concept artist, motion graphic designer etc. A career in animation design uses the best of technology and design to create everything from special effects in movies and video games to animated cartoons We are breaking down the ins and outs of a career in animation design such as providing insights into character design principles including creating unique and appealing characters exploring principles of graphics design such as layout color theory, typography and composition. Showcasing examples o of effective graphics design across various medium like websites, posters and branding materials.

Course Offered

DIM – Diploma in Multimedia (DIM)

Eligibility SSSLC                         Duration 6 Months

Syllabus Covered

  • Basics of Computer
  • MS Office Packages
  • Image Editing (Flash, CorelDraw, Photo Shop)
  • Introduction to 3D Max (2D & 3D)

DIM – Diploma in Multimedia & Animation

Eligibity – SSSLC                  Duration – 6 Months

Syllabus Covered

  • Designing (Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator)
  • Editing
  • Video — Adobe Premiere, After Effects)
  • Sound – Sound Forge
  • Animation (2D & 3D)

Common tasks animators perform in various fields include

  • Creating frames.
  • Designing an animated environment with backgrounds, objects, and sets.
  • Designing characters.
  • Drawing storyboards and creating realistic models.
  • Using computer software.
  • Using photographs of an actor’s movement to animate as a 3D character.

Course Advantages

  • High earning potential.
  • Substantia growth projection.
  • Abity to work creatively. …
  • Pride in seeing your work in use. …
  • Flexibe work opportunities. …
  • Time-consuming or repetitive work. …
  • High-pressure work environment. …
  • Minimal collaboration